HPA Regulator with line
HPA Regulator with line
HPA Regulator with line

HPA Regulator with line

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The Novritsch HPA regulator & line. A robust and essential element for your HPA kit to get the best performance.


  • Adjustable output pressure from 40PSI to 150PSI.
  • We strongly advise checking the manufacturer’s recommendation for your specific gun setup.
  • If unsure, stay between 80-120 PSI for Airsoft use.
  • Integral tournament lock can be secured with a standard zip tie.
  • Compatible with standard HPA Tanks and SLP (Super Low Pressure) tanks.
  • The two-piece body allows for easy maintenance.
  • Only two o-rings to increase reliability.
  • Line length: 103cm.
Min Output Pressure  40 PSI
Max Output Pressure  150 PSI
Max Bottle Input Pressure  900 PSI
Output Threads  2x 1/8 NPT


Comes with a US-Spec Line & Allen Key to adjust output pressure. 

 This item is required to operate the HPA tanks. Use high-pressure air at your own risk.

Do not unscrew the regulator by holding the pressure gauge. Instead, use the serrated lower half of the regulator. To avoid damaging the pressure gauge, please release the pressure by turning the adjustment screw counterclockwise before disconnecting the regulator, make sure it is still unscrewed before threading the adapter back onto the bottle. A regulator with the screw already set for pressure will cause the gauge to jump when threading the regulator onto the bottle, increasing the risk of damage.

EU-Spec HPA connectors do not fit.

Warranty Note

Using the HPA Magazine adapter for Hi-Capa and Glock will increase the chance of your pistol wearing down faster over time due to the higher use of the pistols. Therefore, our Novritsch pistols will not be covered by their warranty. Please buy at your own discretion. Thank you for your understanding.

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