SSG Left hand conversion kit
SSG Left hand conversion kit

SSG Left hand conversion kit

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SSG24 Kit

This conversion kit enables left handed people to operate the SSG24. The kit includes all necessary parts for the conversion from right to left hand operation.

The product comes with a CNC aluminium bolt handle and a receiver backpiece as well as an easy to follow video guide which shows you how to install the kit in 3 easy steps. You will only need a set of allen keys.

Materials and Finish

Both the bolt handle and the receiver backpiece are made of CNC machined aluminium.  The parts are oxidised in a matt black to fit the finish of the SSG24. All edges are with a 45°chamfer to ensure comfort even when charging a M190 spring.


The kit is designed to ensure a smooth operation for the left handed user. When flipped down, the bolt handle has a very low profile to make sure you don't get tangled up when moving through the field. In the upward position the handle has a 95° angle, which allows plenty of space for your hand between the gun and scope for a smooth and fast bolt pull.


Unlike some other left hand conversion kits on the market - the SSG24 kit is designed that it locks the bolt into place when the handle is flipped down. This ensures a consistent cylinder position which results in consistant BB placement inside the hopup. The backspin will be the same with every shot just like on the right handed version of the SSG24.


SSG10 Kit

A left-hand conversion kit for any of the SSG10 systems. Including the SSG10 A1, SSG10 A2 & SSG10 A3.


About 10% of the population is left handed. We haven't forgotten about you. This kit allows you to convert the bolt handle to the other side to make using the rifle easier and more natural for you.


The bolt handle is not only functional and comfortable to grip. The unique design will also make your gun special and tailored to you!

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