Bang 22 Xtreme Sound Grenade

Bang 22 Xtreme Sound Grenade

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You asked for it. Here it is! The Brand NEW Bang 22 Xtreme timer sound grenade is the loudest evolution of our original Bang 22.

What makes it so Xtreme? It's 60%!!! LOUDER than the Bang 22!

In keeping with tradition, the Bang 22 Xtreme sports a sleek anodized full metal constructed body, features our reliable 3-position timer, and still uses the same powder nail driving cartridges to deliver the loudest bangs in airsoft!

Only use RAMSET .22cal Bottleneck cartridges (Non-straight)

*Bluepoint Fastener cartridges of any colour will not work (DO NOT USE!)

Kit Contains 2x pull pins

Open drop down