CM16 Predator - Black

CM16 Predator - Black

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La série GC16 de G&G est le meilleur choix pour qualité/prix pour les AEG. Toutes les machines de combat sont fabriqués à partir de polymères de haut niveau et des gears box complètement en métal. Il sont très solide, parfait pour les débutants ou les personnes qui ont un petit budget.


Fabricant: G & G
Modèle: CM16 Predator
Vitesse initiale: 320-330 FPS
Capacité du magazine: 300rd
Forfait comprend: arme à feu, magazine


  • Rail Keymod Predator en métal plein de 11,5 po
  • Caractéristiques ambidextre
  • MOSFET pré-installé et déclencheur électronique
  • Garantie du fabricant de 90 jours


  • L'optique n'est pas incluse.
  • La batterie et le chargeur ne sont pas inclus.

Batterie recommandé :

The G&G CM16 Predator is the combat machine version of the popular GC16 Predator. Keeing the same design, the CM series utilizes polymer for construction for the upper/lower receiver while keeping the rail system of aluminium construction. This model also features the ETU/mosfet for additional fire modes.  

Prey on your foes with G&G’s latest airsoft gun, the Combat Machine CM16 Predator. This G&G CM 16 Predator airsoft gun incorporates G&G’s latest internals, providing you the best setup on a limited budget. The body of the airsoft gun is made of lightweight polymer for a durable build that’s easy to carry during maneuvers. Another great feature of this airsoft gun is its left-hand friendly capability. It comes with an ambidextrous charging handle, rear sling mount and magazine release. That makes it an even greater value, because lefties as well as righties on your team can use it.

The ergonomic six-position crane stock holds the battery compartment and has a new-design rubber pad for extra comfort when you shoulder the airsoft gun. Additionally, the Predator features a CNC hard-anodized rail system for an aggressive and unique appearance. You will stand out on the field when you carry this bad boy.

The CM16 has an installed, pre-programmed MOSFET chip that’s able to stop batteries such as a Li-Po from over-discharging and becoming damaged. That translates into further savings, because you won’t be plunking down extra cash for replacement batteries. The MOSFET is also programmable to shoot from full auto to three-round burst.

Additionally, G&G has installed an electronic trigger unit that increases response and assists in preventing trigger burns or locks in rapid semi-auto firing. That delivers dependable shooting for the gun even in the fiercest firefights as well as comfort for the shooter. Take a long look at the G&G Combat Machine CM16 Predator KeyMod M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft from Airsoft GI, and you will find you need look no further for a high-quality airsoft gun that fits your needs.

Manufacturer: G&G
Model: CM16 Predator
Muzzle Velocity: 320-330 FPS
Magazine Capacity: 300rd
Package Includes: Gun, Magazine


  • 11.5" Full Metal Predator Keymod Rail
  • Ambidextrous Features
  • Pre-installed MOSFET & Electronic Trigger Unit
  • 90 Day Manufacturer Warranty


  • Optic is NOT included.
  • Battery and charger are NOT included.

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