Runcam Scopecam Lite
Runcam Scopecam Lite
Runcam Scopecam Lite

Runcam Scopecam Lite

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What's in the box?


Model RunCam Scope Cam Lite
Focal Length 40mm
Best Recording Distance 30~70 meters
Video Resolution 1440P@30fps/1080P@60fps/1080P@50fps/ 720P@120fps
Video File Format MP4
Communication Interface Micro USB
MicroSD Card Supported 128GB max
Battery Capacity 850mAh
USB Power Input DC 5~17V
Working current 450mA @5V
Net Weight 94g (with battery)/80g (without battery)



Replacement battery is a must if you're planning on recording the whole gameplay without an external battery bank. You simply open the camera door, use the pull tab to remove the original battery, insert the full battery and close the door. The whole procedure takes around 10 seconds.

Lens Protection:

The lens is closed inside of the housing with Corning Gorilla glass in front of the lens which protects it from BBs, scratches and dirt.

Rail Mount:

To attach the scope camera to your optic (or to your barrel) you can use this rail adapter which is fits perfectly onto your 30mm or 25mm diameter scope.
Note: it fits 25mm scopes with the included plastic inserts.



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