SSG24 – Full Thrust Kit

SSG24 – Full Thrust Kit

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SSG24 – Full Thrust Kit

With the NOVRITSCH FULL THRUST KIT installed in your SSG24 you can use 6.44mm 0.58g Bio BBs.

The bigger diameter and the heavier weight results in more range, better accuracy, and stability in wind.

You will get all these advantages while causing less injuries due to the bigger impact surface.
The 0.58g BBs are biodegradable which makes them ideal for outdoor games.

The installation is easy, follow the included video installation guide, and your rifle will be ready in a matter of minutes.

More Range

Less Air Resistance

Air resistance increases exponentially with the projectile's speed. The heavier 0.58g BB leaves your muzzle with the same energy, but slower, which leads to less air resistance. This is why it keeps speed and the kinetic energy much longer which leads to a drastic increase in effective range.

Consistent Magnus Effect 

The higher mass of the 0.58g BBs in combination with the bigger diameter makes for a long-lasting backspin. Since the mass is further away from the center than on a 6mm BB, the spin can be kept for longer which leads to a flat and long-ranging hopup effect.

Flight characteristics | 0.46g compared to 0.58g

The flight path explained

The image shows the range advantage of the 0.58g compared to the 0.46g BBs. Both BBs are fired at the same energy. The 0.58 flies flatter and further.

More Accuracy

Consistent Backspin 

As a result of the larger 6.44 diameter, vertical accuracy is improved due to a more consistent force of the Magnus effect (=hop up effect). The hop up bucking has more time and surface to grab the BB and spin it consistently every time you fire a shot.

Inertia Advantage

Due to the high inertia, the 0.58g FULL THRUST BB will keep its direction towards the target more stable even with air turbulence trying to get it off its path.

0.46g grouping | 60m @ 2.6J

0.58g grouping | 60m @ 2.6J

Test Setup

The test was performed in a closed environment which was a 100-meter long indoor shooting tunnel. Both the 6mm and the FULL THRUST rifle were fired at 2.6 joules from a bipod. The results show a tighter grouping of the 0.58g than of the 0.46g.

Stable in Wind

Wind Drift Advantage

The heavier a moving object is, the harder it is to get it off its direction of travel. The 27% weight increase of the FULL THRUST BBs makes for 27% more inertia.
This means that the 0.58g BBs are much less affected by the wind which enables you to hit your targets consistently at windy outdoor games.

Wind effect | 0.46g compared to 0.58g

The flight path explained

The graph shows you the difference between the 0.58g and the 0.46g when influenced by the wind. In the beginning, they are very close together, but the further the BBs fly the more you can see the stability of the 0.58g BB compared to the 0.46g. The 0.58g holds the direction better.

Less Injuries

Less injuries

The higher surface of the 6.44mm diameter spreads the force of the hitting BB over a bigger area. This results in less injuries. An example that shows this effect well is the bigger diameter of paintballs.

They are fired at an energy of up to 10 joules, but since the paintballs are bigger, it doesn't break the skin. A 10 joule 6mm airsoft gun would be way too dangerous to bring to the field. This is why the 6.44 BB is overall safer than the 6mm BB.

Clay Penetration test

To visualize the safety aspect of the FULL THRUST BBs we used ballistic clay diluted with water. Both the 6mm and the 6.44 rifles shot with similar energy.

As you can see, the FULL THRUST BB could not enter the clay as deep as the 6mm BB could, due to the bigger surface area.

Skin Irritation Test

To test the theory we shot with a 6mm and a FULL THRUST rifle at bare skin. Both rifles had 1 joule and were fired from 10 meters at a forearm.

While both hits are far away from a serious injury the close-up picture shows how the 6mm BB damaged the skin slightly more due to the smaller impact surface.

Heavy and Bio

100% Biodegradeable PLA

The base material from the NOVRITSCH 0.46g Bio BB is the same as for the new FULL THRUST BBs. The heavier weight is a result of the increased diameter.

This makes the FULL THRUST BB the heaviest biodegradable BB on the market which makes it ideal for long-range engagements at outdoor games.

Development History

The Perfect Sniper

Most people are focused on building the perfect sniper rifle that would outperform everything on the field. This has been done over and over again by skilled technicians all over the world. But there is one problem with this approach - most people never think about the finite capability of the projectile - the 6mm BB. The ammunition and laws of physics will inherently limit even the best and most expensive rifle. That is why we went back to the drawing board and redesigned the system from the ground up, starting with the BB.

The Very First Question Was Obvious

Why is the 6mm BB the industry standard? Is it the perfect size considering the western energy limits? The answer is evident if you look at the BBs' weight development over the past few years. Snipers all over the world are continually switching to the heaviest weight available as soon as it comes out. First, there were 0.40g BBs, then the 0.43g, and since 2016 0.46g BIO BB hit the market and became the go-to standard for most snipers. The problem we're facing now is that current materials don't allow the 6mm BB to be any heavier while keeping its BIO properties. Therefore, the only logical step is to increase the diameter slightly to increase the weight dramatically.


After months of research on air resistance, drag formulas, ballistic coefficients, and real-world testing, we concluded that increasing the diameter is a step in the right direction. Hence, the new 6.44 BB was born, and its performance is impressive. For airsoft rifles with 2-4J muzzle energy, the 6.44 BB significantly outperformed the 6mm BB in range, accuracy, and stability during the flight.

A Bigger BB

The increase in diameter not only allows for the increase in weight but also helps to prevent skin damage and injuries simply because larger objects do not penetrate as easily as smaller diameter objects. Therefore, if other things are held equal (especially the muzzle energy of the rifle) the probability of the 6.44 BB causing an injury on impact is smaller in comparison to a 6mm BB.

What's included + Installation

Screw Adjustment

The FULL THRUST Kit converts your sniper rifle from the traditional hopup adjustment to a screw adjustment. The advantage is the wide range of pressure you can apply and it allows for fine adjustments as there is no clicks.

Easy and Convenient

To keep the adjustment easy and convenient we recommend FULL THRUST snipers to get the Allen Key Holder. It allows you to store the adjustment allen key right next to where you need it.

Easy installation

The installation takes about fifteen minutes and only requires basic tools like screwdrivers, allen keys and an electric drill.

The FULL THRUST kit includes a link that directs you to a step by step installation guide which leaves no questions open.

What's included?

The Kit includes every part you need to convert your sniper rifle to the FULL THRUST standard.

  • 6.44mm precision barrel
  • 6.44mm precision hop up chamber
  • 6.44mm hop up bucking
  • 6.44mm hop up arm
  • 6.44mm magazine
  • 6.44mm stainless steel loading nozzle
  • 6.44mm speed loader
  • Drill template
  • Drill
  • Allen key

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