TGM A4 AEG Blowback
TGM A4 AEG Blowback

TGM A4 AEG Blowback

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The G&G TGM series is modelled after the HK MP5, the most successful submachine gun ever produced.  Offering the fastest possible rate of fire from the smallest possible package, the TGM series is ideal for players who desire CQB style play.

Top Tech/ GT Advanced Series- Blowback

Overall Length: 710mm

Weight: 2500g

Gear box bearing: 8mm Ball Bearing 

Motor: High Torque Long Axis

Wiring: Silver

Inner Barrel: 233mm 6.03 Nickle Plated Tightbore

Magazine: 200 Round MP5 Hicap

Battery Required: 9.6V Butterfly, or Large Type Brick

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