SSX23/303 Gas Magazine Gen2

SSX23/303 Gas Magazine Gen2

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Gas Magazine for the SSX-23 and SSX-303. Holds 24 BBs.
Improved Feedlip design for more reliable feeding. Update your Gen1 magazine with this sparepart.

Compatible with non-blowback pistols from Marui, Y&P, Stti, KJW, and ASG.

Always keep gas in your magazines for storage. If you store them empty they will start leaking.

BBs should be loaded from the bottom, not through the feed lips.

Using High-Pressure Gas at more than 10°C can break your magazine’s seal.
Follow this chart to make sure your magazines will last for a long time and to get the best performance out of your SSX-23.

Temperature Ideal Gas Ideal BBs
0°C to 5*C Super High Pressure 0.28
5°C to 10*C High Pressure 0.36
10°C to 20*C Medium Pressure 0.36
20°C to 50*C Low Pressure



Gun Compatibility

SSX23 Yes


Snappy Trigger Return

The Gas Router is made of hard rubber to make sure the nozzle doesn't get stuck. This makes for a fast and reliable trigger return.

Stack your BBs properly for reliable feeding

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