Petit Sac à Dos (PSD)

Petit Sac à Dos (PSD)

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This pack is designed to meet a multitude of needs of those in the field It is an independent small back pack with a number of features that make it ideal for short treks or limited operational needs.


This pack is designed so that the shoulder straps can be removed and can be integrated with a molle vest or carrier, to essentially augment the kit the wearer has on them, without the need to wear a separate pack. The molle loops secure the pack to most plate carriers and LBV s, allowing for comfortable but unobstructed wear.

With this in mind The Petit sac à dos (PSD) has a built in hydration bladder pouch to help keep things integrated in to one system.  Staying with the internal of the pack, the main compartment is large enough to  house a number of necessities for in the field.  It is lined with Velcro to afford the user the ability to secure specific pouches, items etc. inside if wanted.

The external of the pack also features a lined top pocket to safely store your eye
protection when not wearing it.

Below this top pouch is a quick access IFAK pouch system that can be easily access
and replaced.

At the bottom is a deep external pouch that is also Velcro lined, again this allows the user to secure specific pouches etc or use a storage pouch.

The sides of the pack feature a bottom to top zipper access to the main compartment of the pack. This allows the user to configure the main compartment for a multitude of uses in the field where accessing the pack from the top or storage of an item that is longer than the pack body is needed.

The Petit sac à dos provides the end user a number of options in the field


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