3D Ghillie Boonie
3D Ghillie Boonie

3D Ghillie Boonie

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Every airsoft player loves the idea of being invisible just like I do.

Unfortunately, Che is couldn’t find a camouflage system that would fit his requirements, so He designed his own.

As a general rule, your head is almost always visible. If you can see the enemy, he can also see you. That’s why it’s important to camouflage your head and your face. The 3D leaves on the boonie hat break up the shape of your head. Therefore, enemies won’t be able to distinguish you from your surroundings. Standard baseball caps or helmets have the same shape as your head so a boonie hat is my preferred headwear choice.

The Multicam pattern is ideal for the Autumn season when the environment turns brown, orange, and yellow.

The Everglade patter contains more green colors and therefore is suitable for woodland areas in spring and summer.

3D leaves

The leaves are laser-cut from 100% nylon ripstop fabric. They are sewed on the base with reinforced thread.

One size fits all

Adjustable shock cord in the back ensures a snug fit to all shapes and sizes.


Be Invisible

The 3D Leaves break up the silhouette of your body and your gear. Your enemies won’t be able to distinguish you from your surroundings.

The boonie - shoulder piece combination doesn’t limit the movement of your head. It also doesn’t either limit your view nor your hearing abilities. You won’t even feel that you're wearing it.

Note: The Ghillie Shoulder piece is sold separately.

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