3D Ghillie Suit
3D Ghillie Suit

3D Ghillie Suit

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Every airsoft player loves the idea of being invisible just like I do. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a camouflage system that would fit my requirements. So I designed my own.

The Novritsch 3D Ghillie does not need any further amendments. Just put it over your gear, and you are ready to go.

The ghillie suits are available in Multicam and Everglade patterns.

The Multicam pattern is ideal for the Autumn season when the environment turns brown, orange, and yellow.

The Everglade patter contains more green colors and therefore is suitable for woodland areas in spring and summer.


The Novritsch 3D Ghillie is optimized to fit the playstyle of a sneaky sniper as well as an aggressive assaulter. The lightweight and breathable 3D Ghillie technology allows for high mobility without compromising camouflage.

The Novritsch 3D Ghillie does not need any further amendments. Just put it over your gear, and you are ready to go.


The Novritsch Ghillie works with all kinds of gear such as plate carriers, chest rigs or even smaller backpacks. With the adjustment cords, you can fit it to whichever gear you’re wearing. Just put it on and be invisible to your enemies.

The 3D Leaves are laser-cut from 100% nylon ripstop fabric. 

Buckles and Straps

Two adjustable buckles make for a secure fit and allow taking off the Ghillie within seconds. The with of the waist can be adjusted as well so that you can fit it to your body shape. On top of that, the end of the sleeves havan a elastic adjustable cord sewed in to ensure that your sleeves stay down and cover up the back of your hands properly.

Be Invisible

The 3D Leaves break up the silhouette of your body and your gear. Your enemies will have a hard time distinguishing you from your surroundings.

The boonie - shoulder piece combination doesn’t limit the movement of your head. It also doesn’t either limit your view nor your hearing abilities. You won’t even feel that you're wearing it.

Note: The Boonie hat is sold separately.

Everglade left compared to the Multicam version right


The Novritsch Ghillie comes in a compact mesh pouch. When folded, the Novritsch 3D Ghillie only takes about 3 liters of space and weights less than 500g.


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