Battlebelt Gen2
Battlebelt Gen2

Battlebelt Gen2

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After playing airsoft for more than 11 years, my search for the perfect battle belt – harness setup finally came to an end.
The Lasercut Battle Belt and Harness Gen 2 by YTTK, is a stable, lightweight and minimalistic platform for mounting your Molle pouches and carrying your gear.


  • Lasercut – No wobbly pouches anymore
  • Velcro – Stays in place while running
  • 6 Point Harness – Additional support
  • Fabric made in America – it’s not gonna rip

Low drag, high speed

The Lasercut battlebelt Gen 2 is a lightweight and low profile carrying system that allows you to mount everything an airsoft player needs on the field. The tight laser cut Molle make sure that your pouches don’t wobble around while running, even if you are carrying heavy gas magazines.

By pairing the Battle belt with the Harness and Velcro belt, the entire system is so stable and snug on your body - that you will not even feel it while playing. Now you can focus on the game instead of pushing your gear into the right place on the field.


The battle belt has three slots on both sides, and you can choose to loop the inner belt over the molle elements. This allows you to attach holsters and other tactical items which require a standard belt.

The length of the battlebelt and the 6 straps of the harness are adjustable so that you can fit the carrying system perfectly to your body.


US made Laser-cut nylon fabric with nylon stitching makes sure that the belt can withstand heavy use in the field. The material is UV resistant, so it won't change its color if exposed to direct sunlight.

The Multicam and Multicam Tropic fabric are licensed which means that it will fit perfectly to the rest of your multicam gear.


Velcro on the inside of the battle belt works in conjunction with the inner belt that goes into your combat pants. Once the battle belt is attached, it will not move at all. Everybody has experienced this at some point - you make a quick movement from cover to cover and your belt shifts or turns entirely around your waist.

This is now a thing of the past. This battle belt will stay on its place no matter what you have attached to it or how fast you run.

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