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Classic Sniper Rifle – 3D Camo Cover
Classic Sniper Rifle – 3D Camo Cover
Classic Sniper Rifle – 3D Camo Cover
Classic Sniper Rifle – 3D Camo Cover
Classic Sniper Rifle – 3D Camo Cover
Classic Sniper Rifle – 3D Camo Cover

Classic Sniper Rifle – 3D Camo Cover

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As humans we’re very good at recognizing familiar shapes and an uncamouflaged rifle can easily give away your position. Painting your gun can help, but it comes with drawbacks so we decided to find a new, better solution.
The rifle cover with 3D leaves is the best and easiest answer to your camouflage problem.


  • Designed for SSG10 A1 with NOVRITSCH scope. Also fits the A2, SSG24, and similar rifles.
  • Covers scope together with the rifle
  • All controls still accessible
  • Advanced leaf sewing method for a better 3D effect.
  • Easy installation and removal.
  • Stretchable adjustment strings
  • Compatible with our Leaf Camo System for even more camouflage.
  • Lightweight – you will not notice a difference.
  • Leaves don’t make a sound when moved around.
  • Scope can be with or without extender.


Make your rifle be one with the nature, but watch out, we almost lost a rifle during this photoshoot. For real. Now imagine the hard time your enemies will have trying to find out where all the shots are coming from.


The art of disappearing starts with your body, but a Camo suit is worth nothing without the right gun cover. Black rifle can be seen from far away.


The traditional cover will fit any SSG10 style rifle easily, offering the perfect solution for every Airsoft player. No matter your combat style, it will help you stay unseen by others within 30 minutes. If you decide to add our Leaf Camo System it will still take you a fraction of regular crafting time.


The high-quality mesh will not rip, not even in the densest bushes and thorns. You can focus on your target instead of worrying about damaging your gun wrap. We only use durable materials and a advanced 3D sewing method.


The cover is designed in a way that the leaves won't obstruct your line of sight too much. Same on the stock and the cheek rest area. If you choose to, you can put our Leaf Camo System everywhere for maximum camouflage.


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