3D Ghillie Suit – Jacket
3D Ghillie Suit – Jacket
3D Ghillie Suit – Jacket
3D Ghillie Suit – Jacket
3D Ghillie Suit – Jacket
3D Ghillie Suit – Jacket
3D Ghillie Suit – Jacket
3D Ghillie Suit – Jacket
3D Ghillie Suit – Jacket
3D Ghillie Suit – Jacket

3D Ghillie Suit – Jacket

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Arguably the most important part of a ghillie suit. A good jacket is the first step of becoming invisible. Breathable, Durable Lightweight and Easy to use. It meets all our requirements.


  • Color corrected by ex-military experts in Vienna, Austria
  • Irregular 3D leaf pattern
  • Strong Mesh
  • Elastic Bands for Vegetation
  • Compatible with Novritsch Leaf Camo System
  • Thumb hole
  • Covers top of your hand
  • Special 3D leaf sewing method
  • Quiet when moving
  • Push buttons for attaching Hood
  • Velcro for battle belt stabilisation
  • Based on your feedback, Novritsch has changed to buttons in the front for Batch #2 (current version)

 The Amber Camouflage was developed in-house.

Size: ~ EU-Large.
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To become invisible you should not try to imitate your environment. You have to become a part of it and merge with your surroundings.


It's not easy to craft a ghillie suit. Therefore, we decided to develop our own system that will be effective, easy to use and modular. Just put it on and you're on the way. To match it with YOUR environment, take a look at our selection of Artificial leaves and Raffia.


A ghillie suit is meant for a environment that consists of trees, bushes and other vegetation. Since it is inevitable that you will have to fight your way through it, we made sure that nothing will rip or get damaged. The high quality materials will do their job while you can focus on stalking your target.


Ghillie snipers have a tough time and we want to make it as easy for you as possible to become one of them. Unlike your smartphone that overheats in the summer, you will stay relatively cool thanks to the breathable mesh material we used for this system. Mesh from top to bottom.


Now nothing is holding you back from going to the field and start killing it out there.

Just don't take a nap during the game with your phone on silent. Nobody will ever find you and your friends might start worrying, potentially calling the authorities and starting a nation-wide search. We're not covering the cost of that.



We all know how important colors are. Green is not just green, brown is not just brown. If colors are wrong, no other design features can save the product. That's why we spent several months of researching and color grading all our ghillie products to get the best blend of natural looking colors that will fit with the majority of environments. All this has been done by ex-military experts in the field from our textile department. Faded-out or oversaturated colors are a thing of the past.


Repetitive patterns are rare in the nature. To blend in, we need to get rid of straight lines and make everything random. That's exactly what we've done.


All our ghillie products are compatible with our Artificial leaves with the Quick Pin Attachment System. It has never been easier to furnish the complete ghillie suit in such a short amount of time.


If our selection of 3D leaves is not enough, you can always attach more vegetation you find on your local field. Just loop it through the elastic straps which are securely sewn into the super strong mesh.


Thanks to the new front button system you can now open and close your jacket to put it on and remove it more conveniently but also to open it for fresh air while in-game on those hot summer days!


The Jacket is tailored to fit our Ghillie Hood, simply attach it with the buttons you can find both on the Jacket and the Hood and you're good to go. Or you can use our Sniper Boonie if the hoodie style is not for you.


Rolling up the sleeves is not a thing when it comes to Ghillie suits. Quite the opposite - they need to stay in place and cover the top of your hand for maximum camouflage.


Thanks to the pre-fit Velcro located on the jacket, our battle-belt will work perfectly if you like running a battle belt. The belt will stay in place no matter where you go. No compromise when it comes to comfort.

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