Maintenance kit
Maintenance kit
Maintenance kit
Maintenance kit
Maintenance kit
Maintenance kit
Maintenance kit

Maintenance kit

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Maintenance kit suitable for the SSG24, SSP1, SSX23 and other airsoft guns.

Included in the pouch:

  • Thick silicone oil
  • Thin silicone oil
  • Mechanic oil
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Screw glue
  • Cellulose wipes

Below you can find a video on how to use all the essential parts.

Thin Silicone Oil

Its viscosity of 100 cSt makes it great for all moving rubber parts. While it keeps the rubber smooth, it doesn't slow down fast moving parts like the piston.

Thick Silicone Oil

The viscosity of 1000 cSt is excellent to maintain the air seal of your gun and magazines. It's especially great for static parts that are not moving in the gun like cylinder head, hop-up, GBB magazine lips, o-rings, etc.

Mechanic Oil

The mechanic oil's purpose is to keep the friction of metal or polymer parts small. It's also great to protect steel parts such as the cylinder of the SSG24 from oxidation.

Screw Glue

Screw glue is the #1 most underrated substance in airsoft gun maintenance. Most airsoft guns create a lot of vibrations during the shot which can make the screws come loose and eventually fall out. With the medium strength thread lock, you can avoid that from happening. Once you start using screw glue while assembling certain parts of your airsoft gun, it will become much more reliable in the long run. You can still loosen up the screws by hand once you've glued them. 

Rubbing Alcohol

An excellent solvent that evaporates fast after usage. It's great to keep your barrel and hop-up bucking clean and dry. It can also be used to get rid of any dirt from other parts of your favorite airsoft gun.

Cellulose Wipes

The included wipes are great to clean your inner barrel. Due to the strong material, you can use it for cleaning as well as for applying silicone or mechanic oil to your gun parts. Unlike standard tissues, these won't rip and will not leave any residues or fibers inside of your gun and barrel. 

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