Modular Suppressor – 3D Camo Cover
Modular Suppressor – 3D Camo Cover
Modular Suppressor – 3D Camo Cover
Modular Suppressor – 3D Camo Cover

Modular Suppressor – 3D Camo Cover

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The suppressor cover makes your rifle camo complete. Without it, your weapon still might be visible in certain scenarios completely blowing away your camouflage followed by a long walk back to respawn.


  • Color corrected by ex-military experts in Vienna, Austria
  • Anti-Slip bands inside
  • Cover is modular for different suppressor lengths
  • Covers front of the suppressor
  • Stretchable adjustment strings
  • Advanced leaf sewing method for a better 3D effect
  • Compatible with our Leaf Camo System for even more camouflage
  • Doesn’t obstruct sights too much
  • Leaves don’t make a sound


By adding the suppressor cover to your rifle/pistol camo, you will not have to worry about enemies spotting your weaponry. Black pipe sticking out of a bush is just not cool.


The high-quality mesh will not rip, not even in the densest bushes and thorns. You can focus on your target instead of worrying about damaging your wrap. As a bonus, your iron sights will still work and won't be covered completely, just a little bit.

The front of the suppressor is also partially covered. The round shape is disturbed making it harder to spot the pipe!


Elastic bands on the inside with anti slip layer. The cover won't slip, as easy as that.


If you choose to, you can put our Leaf Camo System leaves everywhere for maximum camouflage. Make it look like a branch in no time with the Quick Pin Attachment System.

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