SSG10 Air Brake Pins

SSG10 Air Brake Pins

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AirBrake pins can be installed onto the piston head to make shooting the SSG-10 rifles quieter.

Included are 4 different lengths:

  • 20 mm
  • 23 mm
  • 26 mm
  • 29 mm

For advanced Techs only.

Gun Compatibility
SSG10 A1 Yes
SSG10 A2 Yes
SSG24 No



We make it. One of the most requested parts by the community. The pin blocks the cylinder head before impact creating and air "cushion" for the piston. As a result, the impact is dampened and the gun is more quiet. It also reduces the FPS because some of the air is used for dampening the impact.

We have tested the AirBrake pins, they work but in our opinion, they are not worth the FPS loss.

However, we decided to offer them for the Tech community. Only install these if you absolutely know what you're doing. For the the non-tech customer, we recommend skipping these.


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