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SSG10 Magazine

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Clear VSR-10 style magazine for the SSG10 System. Now you always know how many BBs are left in your magazine.

Holds 28 BBs.

Also compatible with other VSR-10 platforms.

Gun Compatibility

  • SSG10 A1 
  • SSG10 A2 
  • SSG10 A3


Trying to guess how many BBs are left in the magazine is a pain. Especially if you're in a fight. Not anymore. A quick glance at the magazine will tell you if it's the right time to reload or if you can continue shooting.


Also in the safe zone you immediately know which magazines need to be refilled and which are full. It saves you a lot of hassle and gives you more time to enjoy the game day. Totally worth it!


A perfect magazine is worthless if the BBs inside get dirty. With that in mind, we designed the full seal magazine pouch which will protect your magazines and BBs from dirt and other elements. Silent opening system will support your sneaky playing style.

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