Sling Swivels
Sling Swivels
Sling Swivels
Sling Swivels

Sling Swivels

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Sometimes your sling can get it the way when you're shooting from different positions or if you need to shoot from your second shoulder. Being able to quickly disconnect your rifle is a useful feature in the game and in the safe zone as well since you don't need to take off the whole sling.



With the sling swivels you can attach a sling to your Novritsch SSG24. Not compatible with the M40A3 conversion kit.

SSG10 A1

Sling Swivels provide an easy and secure way to attach your sling to your SSG-10 A1.

Easy and straightforward installation which only takes a couple of seconds.



Universal QD Sling Swivels.

Durable material ensures a secure attachment of your sling. Pushing the button will quickly release the swivel.


Gun Compatibility

SSG10 A1 Yes
SSG10 A2



Thanks to the simple design and steel rods you can be sure that the swivel will last you forever.


Perfect location in the front and the back of the stock prevents the gun from wobbling on your back.

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