TDC 2.0 for SSG24 - Pro
TDC 2.0 for SSG24 - Pro
TDC 2.0 for SSG24 - Pro
TDC 2.0 for SSG24 - Pro
TDC 2.0 for SSG24 - Pro
TDC 2.0 for SSG24 - Pro
TDC 2.0 for SSG24 - Pro
TDC 2.0 for SSG24 - Pro
TDC 2.0 for SSG24 - Pro
TDC 2.0 for SSG24 - Pro

TDC 2.0 for SSG24 - Pro

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This modification removes the stock hopup arm / slider mechanism and replaces it with a thumbscrew that pushed down from the top. You can make insanely precise adjustments this way and tune your shooting trajectory to perfection. 

Lowest profile on the market

Don't have clearance for TDC you say? Our TDC requires clearance of just 5.0mm which means it will work even with the biggest scopes and low scope rings.

It's not going anywhere

The screw is installed in 1/2 aluminum, 1/2 undersized Nylon thread which provides the ultimate combination of durability and resistance to the screw.  O-rings and external housing provide additional resistance. Trust me - it's not moving by itself.

No epoxy gluing

We really didn't like the idea of having permanently glue something on the outside of the barrel. That's why our TDC is an all-internal upgrade that installs inside the stock hop-up chamber and requires no gluing. For PRO version, the external housing comes with pre-installed strong double sided 3M tape for easy installation and easy removal without damiging the gun. We even include a spare set of tape in the kit.

Vertical pressure nub system

Our TDC replaces traditional hopup arms with CNC machined aluminum nubs that provide perfectly vertical pressure to the bucking. Each TDC comes with 3x different nubs so you can choose whichever you like the best, regardless if you're running stock or rhop! There's even an AEG Style Nub that can be purchased separately if you want to you any of the soft style nubs!

Fool-proof installation

We made sure that our TDC 2.0 can be installed with any level of skill. We made sure that our drill jigs are usable with handheld drills, the process is dead simple and there's no way you can fuck it up. 


PRO version provide the absolute perfection in terms of feedback and looks. The external aluminum housing provides a satisfying click to the thumbscrew that allows to precisely adjust the TDC and protects the screw from accidental bumps. It also acts as an extra safety layer to make sure the screw doesn't turn by itself.

BASIC version provides the same internals and performance of the TDC 2.0 PRO but at a more affordable price point, just without the external aluminum housing (clicking mechanism). In case you ever change your mind, you can purchase the TDC 2.0 Pro Upgrade Kit at any time later down the road for the full experience!


You got it! TDC 2.0 works perfectly with Full Thrust but you will need to drill a different hole. Conveniently, if you choose PRO version, the housing can be installed in a way, which perfectly covers the old hole. 


Required for installation:

  • drill or drill-press
  • 3.5mm drill bit
  • beer (optional)

What's included in BASIC:

  • 1x custom M3 t humbscrew with orings
  • 1x M3 grubscrew
  • 1x TDC insert
  • 1x custom M3 aluminum nut
  • 3x different aluminum nubs (black, gray and silver)
  • 1x set of drill jigs

What's included in PRO:

  • Everything that comes in BASIC and ...
  • 1x external housing for clicking mechanism
  • 1x plunger
  • 1x spring
  • 1x M3 set screw
  • 1x spare set of double sided tape

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