TDC 2.0 Pro Upgrade

TDC 2.0 Pro Upgrade

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We blinked and the PRO version was gone. Estimated time of restock is early-mid-September.

This set is already included with every TDC 2.0 Pro version!

Bought a TDC 2.0 Basic and want to upgrade it now to the full experience? This is what you need. This package include the external housing that gives the satisfying clickiness with a pre-installed double sided tape. Just remove the screw and o-rings and install this in place. 

This is not officially compatible with Mini TDC's unfortunately - the length of the screw is a tiny bit too short to use this housing reliably. It works, but you might not be able to hop the BB's enough!


What's included:

  • 1x external housing with pre-installed double sided tape
  • 1x set of spare double sided tape
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